Using E-learning to Grow Disability Awareness

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Inclusivity often begins with simple awareness. To ensure Toyota is continuously improving in our efforts to build a welcoming workplace for people with disabilities, we launched an online disability awareness training in 2021.

Employees can view the pre-recorded training at any time and hear Toyota team members with disabilities sharing their stories, experiences, and perspectives in their own voices. By taking the time to receive this important information, we can increase our understanding and help break down common misperceptions about disability.


Toyota’s online disability awareness training features the voices of team members like Robynann

“No one at Toyota has ever criticized my personal story. It’s always been accepted, allowed and understood. There’s a level of humanness that is brought to the table at Toyota. It’s evident that Respect for People is always at the root of all interactions.” 

ROBYNANN CALLAHAN  Administrator, Toyota Legal One, Toyota Motor North America