Toyota Mentoring Prepares Students for Careers of the Future

Toyota professionals are stepping into the classroom to help high school seniors supercharge their futures.
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Each school year, 100 students at the Plano, Texas Independent School District (ISD) engage in a 12-week learning project with Toyota mentors using the company’s foundational decision-making tool, Toyota Business Practices (TBP).

The experience guides students through the eight steps of TBP to increase essential life skills such as critical thinking, goal setting and collaboration. Guided discussions focus on both short- and long-term issues for students, ranging from solutions to everyday challenges and problem-solving, to mentoring on career planning and personal growth. Once these steps are learned, understood and practiced, they can be applied to just about any challenge in business—or in life.

Our school mentoring program is a win-win in that it gives students a chance to learn about useful skills and exciting career choices while providing leadership opportunities for Toyota team members. We are thrilled to have this collaboration and to help prepare the next generation of innovators to take on the challenges of the future.
Alok Vaish, Group Vice President, Service Parts and Accessories, Toyota Motor North America Alok Vaish Headshot