Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050

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The Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050 (Challenge 2050) was created as part of our global, long-term commitment to supporting the creation of a more inclusive and sustainable society. This initiative is how team members across the company, in every region of the world, are working to put Toyota’s global vision of Respect for the Planet into action.

Challenge 2050 establishes a set of six visionary challenges to all Toyota subsidiaries:

+    New Vehicle CO2 Emissions Challenge – Reduce CO2 emissions from new vehicles by 90% (2010 baseline)
+    Operations CO2 Emissions Challenge – Eliminate CO2 emissions from operations
+    Life Cycle CO2 Emissions Challenge – Eliminate CO2 emissions from suppliers and dealers
+    Water Conservation Challenge – Conserve water and protect water resources
+    Recycling-Based Society Challenge – Support a recycling-based society
+    Harmony with Nature Challenge – Conserve biodiversity, protect species, and restore habitats