Resource Depletion

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At Toyota, we use our platform to provide education on the importance of our natural resources, and we also lead and inspire action to protect them.

Raising Water Awareness

Toyota supports community efforts to educate individuals and families about water conservation and the importance of protecting water resources. These activities help scale up conservation efforts and make positive outcomes more impactful. 

 Raising Water Quality
Some of Toyota’s sites discharge wastewater, which we monitor and treat to meet local, state, and federal regulations and to avoid negatively impacting water bodies. 

As part of our enhanced environmental management system, we require all manufacturing sites to operate below wastewater discharge permit limits by an average of 20 percent.

Conserving Natural Resources

We strive to conserve natural resources by increasing our use of sustainable materials. Using sustainable materials means using materials in the most productive way, with emphasis on using less as well as reducing toxic chemicals and environmental impacts across the whole life cycle.

Additionally, we look for alternatives to rare earth metals, which are necessary components in hundreds of products across a wide range of applications, especially high-tech consumer products like electric vehicles. The mining of rare earth metals can have negative environmental and social consequences.