Petra Reyes

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Petra Reyes, resolution specialist for Toyota Financial Services’ (TFS) Western Experience Center, has been with Toyota for nearly two decades and loves to celebrate her Indigenous pride with her TFS family.

“It is a great honor to represent my Diné/ Navajo and Xicana/Mexican ancestry,” Petra says. “The resilience we continue to demonstrate is so important for me to share and is absolutely vital to the well-being, happiness and health of our future generations.”

Outside of work, Petra practices hot and kundalini yoga and enjoys swimming in natural bodies of water. She also volunteers at the Phoenix Indian Center in her hometown of Phoenix, Arizona.

“I uplift and support my family and community, sing and drum, teach Navajo/ Diné singing, meditate, hike, travel and explore nature,” Petra says of her ever-growing list of interests. “Most importantly, I nurture my children and grandsons with ancestral teachings, unlimited encouragement, delicious and nutritious food, and shower them with an abundance of love, hugs, and smiles!”

Three words to describe myself: fierce, radiant and loving.