Jacqueline Thomas

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Jacqueline Thomas is a mother, wife, daughter, sister and aunt.She’s also group vice president and chief compliance officer for Toyota Motor North America (TMNA). Jacqueline’s passion for developing others has led her to serve as an active co-executive sponsor for the North American Advisory Council (NAAC) that serves the Toyota Organization for the Development of Latinos Business Partnering Group (TODOS BPG).

“Not many people know that TODOS was the first BPG to be formed at Toyota,” says Jacqueline. Indeed, TODOS was created over 20 years ago by a committed group of team members who recognized the value of coming together to honor and celebrate celebrate their Latino cultures and heritages. Today it has grown to seven chapters with over 1,300 members.

Reflecting on TODOS' 2022 inaugural symposium, Jacqueline notes, “The event showcased the power of Toyota’s Latino team members and the importance of allies who are eager to learn, listen and advocate for the growth and development of Latinos. It bonded us closer as a familia (family).”

Over her time at Toyota, Jacqueline has seen BPGs grow in representation and allyship, embodying Toyota’s people-first values and fostering a welcoming environment where everyone can make a difference. “I believe the next evolution for our BPGs is to embrace intersectionality to increase our awareness and harness the power of our differences and varied experiences.”

I have an immense desire to teach the next generation of leaders and to pay it forward to contribute to their success.