Diversity Advisory Board

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Toyota's Diversity Advisory Board (DAB) was established in 2002 as a way to seek objective perspectives from global diversity leaders. 

The DAB helps advise, advocate, and hold Toyota accountable to its D+I strategies, contributing their outside perspectives and solutions to further strengthen Toyota’s commitment to Mobility for All and to reinforce Toyota’s position as a leading organization for diversity and inclusion.

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) Board of Directors Representation

TMC board members are appointed based on their deep knowledge, expertise, and ability to help lead Toyota’s transformation into a mobility company. We are continuously striving to broaden the diversity of identities, backgrounds, and experiences represented on the board.  

Advocacy in Action

In 2021 strategic oversight by the Social Justice Advocacy Committee and the Executive Diversity and Inclusion Council led to concrete actions designed to help Toyota continuously improve inclusive practices and as a response to the Great Resignation. Broadly, these encompass improvements to the talent acquisition process and strategy, talent development initiatives, diversity development strategy and overhauled onboarding policy reviews. One example is in the recruiting process, where building on unconscious bias training, new sets of tools have been created to aid hiring managers as they eliminate bias in interviewing.