Celebration + Education = D+I Month

Throughout the month of August, Toyota sites across North America participated in the 4th Annual D+I Month.
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Each week of the celebration featured activities that engaged team members and explored a key D+I principle: Belonging, Accessibility, Allyship, and Equity.

A virtual scavenger hunt, speed networking, BPG celebrations, special guest speakers, and more, helped team members build community across the continent and increase dialogue about diversity and inclusion.

Cultural Art Exhibit
Inspired by Toyota Motor Manufacturing de Guanajuato’s (TMMGT) 2021 D+I art contest, the month began
with the first-ever company-wide cultural art exhibit activity. Team members were encouraged to produce a work of art that celebrated the month’s theme, “Uniquely Toyota, Uniquely You.”  

Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Mississippi (TMMM) team members pose proudly with their unique creations.

Acrylic painting by Jasmine Moreno.

"I love that Toyota gives me the tools and capabilities to be able to express myself in ways I’d never done before."
Jasmine Moreno
TMMTX quality assurance team member

D+I Learning

During August, team members received special weekly issues of the D+I-focused publication Driving IDEAs, which is usually published once a month. In addition to insights on D+I principles and links to online D+I learning resources, team members learned about joining conversations with inspiring, prominent guest speakers who are active in D+I efforts.

More than anything, D+I Month brought us all closer together and empowered team members to share their unique, authentic selves.
Steven Baily, Senior Product Engineer, Toyota Motor North America, and D+I Champion Steven Baily Headshot
The best part about D+I Month was experiencing Toyota Credit de Puerto Rico team members joining in all activities in an organic and spontaneous way, showing their appreciation for D+I in the workplace.
Giancarlo Colberg Ferrer Legal and Compliance Supervisor, Toyota Credit de Puerto Rico Giancarlo Colberg Ferrer Headshot