Advocating For Justice

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At Toyota, the values that shape our company — diversity, inclusion, racial equality, fairness — are the same values we fight to instill in the communities in which we live, work and serve. When Americans of all ages, races and backgrounds flooded America’s streets to protest brutal racism and violence against people of color, Toyota acted firmly and with purpose to stand with and strengthen their voice.

Our collective conscience would not permit us to stand quietly on the sidelines during a defining moment in our nation’s history. Recognizing the unique opportunity for real change, we leveraged company resources and the passion of our team members to advance the betterment of society.

Among Toyota’s internal actions in support of social justice:

  • Created a series of learning resources and D+I tools to help leaders and team members hold difficult or uncomfortable conversations on systemic racism and social injustice
  • Increased matching contributions, funding support and opportunities for team member volunteerism
  • Increased Business Partnering Group (BPG) funding to strengthen grassroots support of local community initiatives and the professional development of their BPG members

Among its community-facing actions in support of social justice, Toyota:

  • Signed the corporate call-to-action to support the enactment of hate crime legislation in Georgia
  • Signed anti-racism pledges with the National Association of Manufacturers and Dallas Regional Chamber
  • Supported and advocated for the removal of the Confederate symbol from the Mississippi flag and banning from the Mississippi flag and the banning of the Confederate flag from all NASCAR races
  • Encouraged and supported dialogues between community leaders and police on meaningful reform of police practices, accountability and racial profiling

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Toyota manufacturing centers across N.A. paused production for 8 minutes and 46 seconds in silence in honor of the memory of George Floyd on June 4, 2020.

Photo: Toyota manufacturing centers across North America paused production for 8 minutes and 46 seconds in silence in honor of the memory of George Floyd on June 4, 2020.